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Manuscript submission requirements

Версия для печати
  1. The editorial office accepts manuscripts for the key sections of the journal, presenting a high degree of scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance. The paper must state principal findings of the study. Academic papers are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Only researchers, doctoral students, postgraduate students (starting from the second year of study) and applicants for an academic degree may be authors of our articles.
  3. A manuscript can be accepted for publication in Vestnik of  Northern (Arctic) Federal University upon receiving a positive peer review from recognized scholars / scientists in the given field of knowledge. In case of a positive review, the article is included in the next issue of the journal in the order of submission and upon signing the contract of sale (of a copy of the journal) with the university. The form of the contract of sale is available on the university’s website.
  4. Only academic papers conforming to the technical requirements are accepted for publication. Manuscripts failing to meet the requirements will not be considered.
  5. The final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript for publication is made by the Editorial Panel of the journal. A decision letter will be sent to the author.
  6. Postgraduate students and candidate degree applicants must submit a reference from their research adviser (a reference cannot substitute for a review as it only guarantees the required academic level of the manuscript).
  7. Articles are published free of charge.



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